Established in 2017, Madding Crowd is a small-batch coffee roaster based in Sydney Australia.

In the years before Madding Crowd, our small gang worked with some of the worlds most admired roasters, cafes, coffee farms and institutions. We learnt from merchants in Rwanda and Indonesian farmers, coffee journalists in Portland and Baristas in Melbourne, cafe owners in Berlin and roasters from every continent on earth (except Antarctica). These heady experiences culminated in some simple ideas we’ve applied to our business…

 First and foremost, we source the highest-grade green coffee we can buy (Not the necessarily the most expensive. There are weasels pooping out incredibly expensive, unethical coffee in Indonesia)

 We do our best to give back to the communities and ecosystems that grow that coffee

We believe in sustainable practices and are constantly updating or business structure to avoid causing acid rain

We take a passionate, educated approach to helping people brew our coffee and align ourselves with cafes that believe in similar nonsense

While we'll always advocate the headlong pursuit of innovation, we also aim to slow down a bit, enjoy ourselves and sink into the warm atmosphere and rituals of coffee drinking.